What is a Blog Carnival?

What is a blog carnival?

A blog carnival is essentially, a post with links to articles from various bloggers. The link points to the article on each blogger’s site.

Blog carnivals are often hosted by many different bloggers. The host of the carnival decides which posts they like best, usually from a very large amount of carnival submissions and then compiles the carnival post.

What does a blog carnival look like?

Here’s an example of what a blog carnival usually looks like:

blog carnival post example

Of course not all carnivals are the same, it depends on the carnival host and how they format and organize the carnival post.

Some blog carnivals limit the number of posts that will be included in the carnival; some leave it up to that week’s carnival host to decide.

Blog carnivals can have a theme and other text in addition to the article links themself, but some are just a big list of links to the included posts.

A fair amount of blog carnivals highlight the host’s favorite posts up top, or sometimes even at the bottom. I can’t understand the prestige of being included at the bottom, but it’s really cool when you’re up top.

Another common way some hosts arrange the carnival post is dividing the included posts into categories. Since this is a blog about Personal Finance Blog Carnivals, I’ll use an example from a PF blog carnival:

blog carnival category example

To sum things up, a blog carnival is a post linking to articles on other blogs and can vary in appearance, substance and format depending on the carnival host.

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