Learning About Saving For Retirement

We’re all aging each day, so shouldn’t we all be concerned about financing our retirement? Common sense says we should, but reality is much different.

Don’t get me wrong here, many people are saving for their retirement each paycheck. But not everybody who can afford to do so is.

Trying to understand retirement accounts and investing your money can be really overwhelming for most people. So they just put it off each time it comes to mind.

That is a huge mistake!

Learning about saving for retirement doesn’t have to difficult. There are shortcuts out there to make things easier.

Short Cuts For Getting Started:

  • One of my personal favorites is choosing target date funds. Target date funds are usually a mixture of various funds that are balanced just right to work with your expected retirement date. They can be a great starting point just to get the ball rolling. Then later on after you’ve learning a little, you can always switch things up if you choose not to hang onto the target date funds.
  • You could also take advantage of your company’s retirement plan if they have one and ask for recommendations on allocating your money. Everybody loves to give their opinions on things, so just ask.
  • You could try reading the Suncorp superannuation page today
  • You could pick up a dummies book about saving for retirement and get a basic understanding of how things work.
  • You could ask friends and family to share their wisdom with you.


Don’t let your lack of retirement saving knowledge keep you from saving. Retirement time will eventually come around and you don’t want to be caught without a safety net. Remember, counting on the lottery is not considered a realistic retirement plan and is not a substitute for responsible financial planning.

How did you get started saving for retirement?

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