How to pick films for your kids

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Picking films for your kids to watch can be a little difficult. A good movie for kids is usually judged on whether adults can enjoy it too. There are plenty of good children’s films out there, but you don’t want your kids watching the stupid stuff – what you want is a film that is entertaining but educational at the same time, and that will prompt your kids into wanting to discuss it with you.

If you want to get rid of all the bad films lying around your home, sell them online and then start looking for some better ones. This article includes some tips on how to pick the best movies for your kids.

Read reviews

Going by reviews these days is a bit tricky, considering how many sponsored reviews are out there, masquerading as honest ones. It’s all about knowing where to look. If a kids’ movie has made it into the review list for a reputable newspaper, it’s probably worth looking at, unless, of course, the review has absolutely slated it.

There are now dedicated websites where parents go and review films for each other, with helpful ratings according to how much harsh language, violence and sexual suggestiveness is included in the film.

Pre-screen the movie yourself

This is the best way forward if your kid is dead-set on watching a particular film, but you’re not sure if it contains some unsafe material. You can skip through the scenes quickly to get an overall feel and to spot the parts that might not be suitable.

Once you’re watching the movie, you will know if a particularly violent or scary scene is coming up and you can get your kid to close his or her eyes, or fast-forward past the scene in question.

Discuss with other parents

Everyone has different ideas of what is suitable for their children. You may be surprised that some parents would allow their kids to watch a James Bond film, for instance, due to the sexual content and violence.

Other parents might feel that as long as the violence is stylised, it’s okay for their kids. Still, discussing a film with them can give you a better idea of whether the film is suitable for your children or not.

Talk to your kids

This is the most important factor when choosing movies for them. There’s no point in censoring what they see unless you actually explain to them why. If they’re about to watch something that may contain a scary scene, sit them down and explain to them why it’s scary and why you think it’s not suitable for them.


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