Financial Carnival For Young Adults

Welcome to the March 24th edition of the Financial Carnival for Young Adults. Enjoy!

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes 3 Things We Pay For That Prove We’ve Become Lazy Americans – We pay for things we don’t really need out of laziness. Watch out for these 3 budget busters!

Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes When Did We Acquire All This Cash? – I woke up to the fact that we have a decent amount of cash in our short-term savings accounts – we’re not as broke as I tend to think we are.

Ashley @ The Frugal Model writes No More Staycations: Tips and Tools to Save Money on Travel – My favorite ways to save money on flights, hotels and rental cars so that you never have to take a staycation again.

Green Panda @ Green Panda Treehouse writes Some Super Fun Ways to Raise Money For Your Cause – How-to raise money with a few unique tips to make it fun.

Lance @ Money Life and More writes Moving Soon? How and Where to Get Free Boxes to Save Money – In addition to learning how to move I’ve also learned how to save money while moving. One of the biggest costs can be packing materials (moving boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, etc.) and I’m going to share with you how I managed to get these items for free!

Robert @ The College Investor writes 5 Things Your Millionaire Neighbor Isn’t Telling You – Beyond the inspirational, here are five fundamental habits that you’re millionaire neighbor has but probably isn’t telling you.

Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes Will Your Small Business Succeed or Fail? – Entrepreneurship is a high risk and volitile endeavor. The infographic below explains that only 35% of small businesses are still around in 10 years.

Robert @ Kids Ain’t Cheap writes Making Spring Cleaning Kid Safe by Making Your Own Cleaning Supplies – Why Choosing a Cleaning Chemical Matters

Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents writes Penny Stock Debacle: How I Lost $5,000 and You Can (and Better!) Avoid It – When buying an over-the-counter stock, otherwise known as a penny stock, you must be sure to protect yourself and make sure that when you place an order to buy or sell, that you put a specific price on it. Learn from my mistake!

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes My Best Meeting Tips – You probably have attended business meetings, or family meetings, or public meetings and may have considered most of them a waste of your valuable time.

Tony @ We Only Do This Once writes Be Willing to Look Stupid – The only way we improve at something is to push the boundaries of the possible. We need to build new connections in our brain; which means screwing up after reaching for a new skill…and often looking stupid in the process.

Jon the Saver @ Free Money Wisdom writes Five Red Flags that Could Trigger an Audit – Here are five red flags that can easily trigger an audit with the IRS. You will want to avoid these this tax season!

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Out Of Financial Shape? Try CrossFit – Over the past several years, CrossFit has taken the nation by storm as one the newest and fasting growing fitness crazes.

harry campbell @ Your PF Pro writes Does it Make Financial Sense to Move In With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend? – Whether it’s after a few months or a few years, after a certain point in every relationship you’ll probably consider moving in together. It’s a natural progression in most couples’ relationship and at this point, you’ll have to weigh the positives and negatives. You will save on gas driving to each other’s houses, save on food cooking together, save on utilities, etc. Financially, it sounds like a great move but is it the best thing for your relationship?

Tim @ Faith and Finance writes Can You Be Too Frugal? – This can seem like a ridiculous question when you are struggling to pay your bills, pay off debt, or to save money. But it’s also an important question because there’s a difference between being frugal – and being cheap!

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Ask for Discounts or Get Screwed… – I don’t know how else to say this, I took 15 minutes and saved 15% or more on my car insurance. Call and ask for discounts or you could be vastly overpaying!

Buck Inspire @ Buck Inspire writes Stop Your Services Mr. Telephone Man! – When moving to a new home, you of course need to setup utilities in your new place. But do you always remember to shut everything off in the old? Don’t pay for services you won’t be using anymore!

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Financial Lessons Learned From The Bachelor – I watch The Bachelor. Every Monday night, my girlfriend duct tapes me to the couch and uses toothpicks to pry my eyes open to watch this season as Sean tries to find true love from 25 women contestants.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Should You Look Into Unusual Investments? – When you think about investments you probably think of stocks, shares, mutual funds and various other investments of a similar ilk. However you have more options than this, including some rather unusual investment opportunities you may wish to consider.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes Ways to Make Extra Money – Everyone wishes that they had a little extra money. It’s time to stop your complaining and use these tips to make a little extra.

Barbara Friedberg @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes How to Talk About Money with the Family-The M Word – Deal with family money issues. Learn how in the M Word.

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Impermanent Solutions to Make your Apartment More Energy Efficient – Owning a home yields many opportunities to increase overall energy efficiency.

MMD @ My Money Design writes Wealth Creation Strategies That Are Within Your Reach – With the information age and all the resources that come with it, there are more wealth creation strategies and opportunities available to us than ever.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes I Am Broke! – I am broke, but not broken! Do I have your attention? Should you feel sorry for me? Do I need help? Perhaps, I need a psychological evaluation? My answer is simple, don’t worry about me! You can take away my credit cards,

Crystal @ Married (with Debt) writes Starting Your Nest Egg: Investing In Your Marriage – Why not start your marriage right with an investing nest egg.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Easy Ways To Save Money Right Now Without Even Thinking – Stopping yourself from spending money and wasting money is the easiest easy ways to save money right now without even having to think about doing it.

Ashley @ Money Talks Coaching writes My Dad Has Cancer But Not Health Insurance – My dad has cancer. He started chemo today. The onset was fast and severe.

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes Is There Such Thing as Saving Money While Shopping? – Ever considered saving money when shopping? Did you know its even possible to spend AND save? Easy smart shopping tips that work.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes About net worth, value and structure – Knowing how much is your net worth is helpful but could be misleading. Another important aspect of wealth to consider is its structure.

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes Should You Buy Stocks NOW? – When people get too pessimistic, I enjoy dishing out encouraging words to breathe life back into their lungs. On the other hand, when people become overly optimistic, I unfortunately have to be the one to bring them back down to Earth. On August 30th of last year, I wrote that Stocks Will Rise and The World Won’t End.

LaTisha @ Young Finances writes The Importance of an Ecommerce Business Plan – Creating an eCommerce business plan is an important step for the success of your business. You need a basic understanding of website building techniques.

Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy writes Hecka’ cool! It’s the official launch of our financial eBook, The A-Z of Saving Money – Check out the A-Z of saving money! My first ebook.

Jason @ Live Real Now writes Make Extra Money, Part 6: Setting Up a Site – In this installment of the Make Extra Money series, I’m going to show you how to set up a WordPress site. I’m going to show you exactly what settings, plugins, and themes I use.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Micro-Unit Apartments in New York – With the tiny house movement moving ahead, Manhattan’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is jumping in on the action to create a building dedicated to 55 micro-unit apartments.

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes The Grablet Review – This is a review of the Grablet, an inexpensive accessory for an iPad. It has made my tablet experience that much more enjoyable!

Girl Meets Debt @ Girl Meets Debt writes Eating Single in the City – I should probably start this post with a simple fact. This Girl does not know how to cook. I can not even toast my bread properly without burning it!

Invest It Wisely @ Invest It Wisely writes What Does ‘Early Retirement’ Mean to You? – We often use the same word to mean different concepts, and early retirement means different things to different people.

Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes How to Ruin a Friendship In 3 Easy Steps – Want to know how to ruin a friendship? Involve money.

Jules Wilson @ Fat Guy,Skinny Wallet writes My First Trip to a Running Store – I started running back in October, and I knew that shoes were important. They are the most important piece of running equipment you could have.

Jules Wilson @ Faithful With a Few writes A New Perspective on Our Tax Return – We recently got our tax return and it was a different experience than in the past. We just recently have been trying to get a handle on our finances, so we approached this with a lot more care than in the past. I am going to share what we would have done in the past with the money we got back, and then I will share what we changed this year.

John S @ Frugal Rules writes Is it Time to Get Out of the Stock Market? – There has been a lot of talk lately about the stock market with its “historic” highs and what investors should do. This is a great time to remember to stick to your investment plan and not give in to fear.

Nick @ A Young Pro writes Finding Your Passion – Back when I was applying for every job I could see I was also taking every interview that I could. I learned a lot from those interviews, and one of the first lessons that I learned was to show passion. Potential employees that are passionate stand out from the crowd. If you are energetic, enthusiastic, and can talk intelligently about certain topics, employers will notice that you are in it for more than just the job.

Jon @ Novel Investor writes What Is Preferred Stock? – When people discuss stock, they are usually referring to common stock. But preferred stock is another type and it is popular with income investors.

Mrs. PoP @ Planting Our Pennies writes Update To Gympact Review – Gympact Anywhere – Good financial habits and good fitness habits can build on one another – Gympact keeps making that easier as they introduce new features. Check out Mrs. PoP’s review of Gympact’s latest feature that lets you earn money by working out at home.

Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank @ Monster Piggy Bank writes Forex Currency Trading Basics For Beginners – Part 2 – Learn to create a Forex demo account, understand the Metatrader 4 application and start trading Forex.

Grayson @ Debt Roundup writes Who Do American’s Look To As A Financial Mentor? – As the US economy and the economies of the world sputter along, who can we look to as a financial mentor? Spending and consumption is out of control and we need help.

Steven @ Canadian Personal Finance writes Five sure-fire signs that you need a new job – Here are five sure-fire signs that you’re in the wrong job – and that it’s a high-time you started looking for a new one.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes What My Life Is Like With Terrible Credit – Bankruptcy may be her only option so she can get a fresh start with her personal finances. She is tired of just existing and wants to start living. An emotional yet inspirational story of one CBB fan who hopes she can inspire others to take control of their debt and start budgeting like she has

Deacon @ Well Kept Wallet writes 3 Unique Ways to Save Money – Do you like saving money? Who doesn’t, right? There is no reason to pay more for something if you don’t have to. There are so many ways that you can save money whether it is coupons, discounts, promo codes, you name it. Here are three unique ways that I have found to save money.

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey @ My Personal Finance Journey writes IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards Card vs. Chase Freedom Visa – Credit Card Boxing Series – Match # 3 – This post compares two general purpose credit cards—IberiaBank Gold Cash Back Rewards Card and Chase Freedom Visa Card; and determines which (if either) of these cards are appropriate for your financial situation.

Mike @ The Financial Blogger writes Two Interesting Strategies For Making Money – Two strategies that you can use to make money.


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