Does Couponing Really Save Money?

does couponing really save moneyThere are many different views on couponing out there, especially since TLC started running it’s Extreme Couponing Series. Depending on how you do it and how into it you get, it can be either bad or good.

Does couponing really save you money? It can, but it can also cost you money at the same time.

If you’re just clipping a couple of coupons here and there; only using them on items your normally would purchase anyway…then it can save you a few bucks.

If you’re taking advantage of sales, coupons and other deals for things your family normally uses and building a nice little stockpile, it could save you thousands.

If you’re purchasing tons of coupons, going after every good deal, printing up a storm and creating an end of the world size stockpile…then you might not really be saving as much money as you think.

How Couponing Doesn’t Save You Money

  • Extra gas to snag all the great deals
  • Purchasing shelving and containers to hold your stockpile
  • Printing tons of coupons from your home computer/s
  • Getting stuff just because it’s free, it still takes gas, coupons, time, energy, storage and money to get “free items.” When you use a manufacturer coupon, you are still required to pay the full tax on the item.

If you got a $1.00 item for free with a $1.00 off coupon and your sales tax is 8%, then you still must pay 8 cents in sales tax on that free item. $10 worth of free items (80 cents tax), $100 worth of free items ($8 tax), $1,000 of free items ($80 tax). See how quickly it can add up. Unless you live in a state where there is no sales tax, your non-food items will still cost you money.

If you don’t actually need or use these items, you’re just wasting your time and money.


How do you use coupons to save money?


Does Couponing Really Save Money? — 3 Comments

  1. I feel like a lot of people fall into the “coupon trap” I coupon and love it, but I do it within reason, being very careful to only buy items that I need and will use. For example, I coupon at CVS, rolling Extra Bucks from week to week, buying very cheap cosmetics, diapers, medicines, and razors – all things we need. I also coupon at grocery stores when there is a triple coupon event. I do not every buy an item “just because I have a coupon” If i don’t need it, its not saving me any money!
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  2. Worth Reading your post. I think using Coupons or deals when going for shopping for the whole family and the items that they use normally is the best way to save money. Go 1 time to shop for the whole Month, this will give you amazing discount and can get freebies as well. As far as tax is concerned, I think its good for the society to pay back what they get advantage from except the food which is a necessity for every Human being.